Our foray into EdTech commenced in 2013 with the birth of Edford, marking the genesis of a groundbreaking ecosystem. Our mission was to craft a cloud-based solution, delivering fully automated end-to-end workflow software for international student recruitment and all other international visas, serving agencies, education providers, and various related entities.

As of today (2024), the products and tools engineered by Edford remain significantly ahead of the aspirations of international student recruitment and other visa management products. Consequently, we anticipate it will be another five years before they reach the level of advancement we have already achieved.‭ ‬

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We developed an exceptional products with a lean, highly agile, and skilled team. Presently, this team leverages the tools, technologies, methodologies, and experiences acquired at Edford in diverse organisations.

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We extend our gratitude and appreciation to our dedicated team, who have worked diligently alongside us: D. O. (Designer/Developer), B. S. (Developer), R. K. (Developer), V. S. (Developer), V. P. (Developer), R. V. (Developer), V. C. (Project Manager/Senior Business Analyst) and M. C. (IT Head).‬


Happy Coding

Edford Team!