Our EdTech movement started in 2013 with the launch of Edford and the goal of building a world-class cloud-based product, fully automated end-to-end workflow software for international recruitment for agencies, education providers and many related entities.

As of today, in the last quarter of 2018, our developed products and technologies are still way ahead of what EdTech is envisaging. As a result, we estimate it would take ten years before they would catch up to what we already built.

We created an awesome product with a lean, highly agile, and skilled team. Today, this team utilises these tools, technologies, methodologies, and experiences gained at Edford at various other organisations.

We want to thank and extend appreciation to our dedicated team who has worked with us: D. O. (Designer/Developer), B. S. (Developer), R. K. (Developer), V. S. (Developer), V. P. (Developer), R. V. (Developer), V. C. (Project Manager/Senior Business Analyst) and M. C. (IT Head).

Happy Coding

Edford Team!